Residential Wood Privacy Fencing

The best way to create a secluded and private space in your backyard.

Wood fencing can be a perfect addition to your property if you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind without feeling like you’re on display to the neighbors.

At American Heritage Fencing, North Carolina’s trusted name in residential fencing since the 1980s, we understand the importance of creating a truly private escape.

That’s why we offer a variety of beautiful and functional wood privacy fences, crafted from the finest North Carolina lumber, to transform your backyard into a sanctuary you’ll cherish.

Different Wood Privacy Fence Options in North Carolina

Our wood privacy fences come in a variety of styles to suit your specific needs and aesthetic preferences:

  • The Traditional Charmer – The classic Board and Batten fence offers unmatched privacy and timeless elegance. This style features vertical boards with horizontal battens that add a touch of detail and definition. Perfect for creating a secluded haven for family gatherings or simply enjoying a quiet moment with a good book.
  • The Modern Mix – For a touch of contemporary flair, our Shadowbox fence features a unique design with alternating wide and narrow pickets that create a layered effect. This style offers excellent privacy while maintaining a clean, modern look.
  • The Open-Air Backyard – Craving a touch of connection with your surroundings while maintaining a sense of enclosure? Our Semi-Private Picket fence with spaced pickets provides a perfect balance, allowing light and air to flow through while defining your backyard space.

Advantages of Wood Privacy Fencing

The beauty of wood privacy fences goes far beyond just creating a secluded space. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Natural Warmth – Wood adds a touch of rustic charm and warmth to your backyard, creating a natural extension of your home’s living space.
  • Endless Customization – From stain colors to fence heights and styles, wood offers a wide range of options to personalize your fence and make it a true reflection of your unique style.

An Eco-Friendly Choice: Wood is a renewable resource, making it a sustainable option for the environmentally conscious homeowner.

American Heritage Fencing Company: Best Fencing Company in North Carolina

For over 40 years, our family-owned business has been transforming North Carolina backyards into havens of privacy and beauty. With our expertise and commitment to quality craftsmanship, we’ll guide you through every step of the process, from selecting the perfect wood privacy fence to expert installation.

Let American Heritage Fencing help you create the backyard retreat you’ve always dreamed of.

Together, we’ll turn your vision into a reality, crafting a private oasis where tranquility reigns.